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Unlike other audio sources, MM pickups have high electrical impedance, which is also frequency-dependent. A phono cable must guarantee the most neutral possible transmission of audio signals to the amplifier even under these conditions. This requires special care during the development of such a cable.


Stockfisch’s Phono-Pro meets the requirements of a phono cable. It is the result of many theoretical considerations and a meticulous attention to detail, as well as extensive listening tests. In principle it is a coaxial cable. However, its design is different from usual coaxial cables, which are optimized for applications with low terminating impedances.


The cable shield of Phono-Pro is very conductive yet very flexible in order to minimize structure-borne noise transmission to the tonearm. The inner conductor is quite thin because it only has to carry tiny currents. This minimizes the skin effect. Although the resulting resistance is higher than with usual coaxial cables, it is still negligible compared to the impedance of the pickup, ensuring that there are practically no losses. The even distribution of resistance and cable capacitance over the entire cable length creates a filter against high-frequency interference (cell phones, etc.). The inner conductor is embedded in long-fibre natural material and covered with basalt fabric. Both of these audibly increase the transparency of complex sounds.


Another special feature of Phono-Pro is an additional inner conductor that is connected to the cable shield at both cable ends. It is tightly coupled to the inner conductor. The cable capacitance is mainly determined by the interaction with this neighbouring additional conductor and less by the cable shield. The associated theory is very complex, but the practical result is a convincing tonal neutrality of the cable.


The high-quality gold-plated RCA plugs with integrated clamping mechanisms ensure an excellent electrical and mechanical connection between the cable and the amplifier.


The special tonal properties of Phono-Pro can be heard immediately. The sound is exceptionally delicate, transparent and present, even with complex sound structures. The spatial resolution is also impressively differentiated. It’s amazing what tonal subtleties a vinyl record has to offer and with Phono-Pro you can unlock its potential.



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