The newest discoveries in the singer/songwriter scene: Sara K., Steve Strauss, Chris Jones, Allan Taylor, David Munyon, David Roth, Carrie Newcomer, Paul Stephenson, …  - high-quality recordings for audiophiles! 

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SARA K. - solo live • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6055.2

Sara K. was invited by the German radio station mdr to play for a radio concert in Leipzig. On November 8, 2007 she performed a convincing solo concert, which Günter Pauler had been asked by the mdr to record for broadcast.

15.50 *

SARA K. - Water Falls • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6025.2

The first CD that Sara K. has recorded outside of the U.S., "WATER FALLS” contains brand-new material, some of it composed in Northeim. . The CD has received overwhelmingly positive critiques: "Water Falls is possibly the best album to appear on the market out of this scene in the last 2 or 3 years."

15.50 *

STEVE STRAUSS - Powderhouse Road • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6019.2

Steve Strauss demonstrates with Powderhouse Road that he is a singer-songwriter of unusual depth and sensitivity. His songs are not easily explained, combining tender melancholy and naïve desire with cynicism and sort of morbid subversity – a reflection of his experiences with street kids as a social worker in New York.

15.50 *

THE GREATER GOOD - Alexander/Kolen/Ruffolo • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6075.2

Without much ado and preliminaries, the three musicians meet at Stockfisch studio in Northeim and give their creativity and expertise free reign. Listeners will enjoy these ten tracks.

15.50 *


Product no.: SFR357.6073.2

Thomas Kagermann, Urs Fuchs, Andrea Leonhardi und Wolfram Cramer von Clausbruch - it does not seem to need more in this particular case: for this aesthetic musical enjoyment from contemporary songs, newly-conceived German folk songs and extremely snappy dance medleys. Surprising: German songs is fun! - From melancholic to cheerful about absolutely intoxicating.

15.50 *

STEVE STRAUSS - Just Like Love • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4036.2

"just like love" the new album by Steve Strauss - again produced with the renowned Stockfisch quality - will be exciting news for audiophiles, folk fans and the music magazines alike. Friends of surround sound will enjoy the additional 5.1-Mix on this SACD.

17.50 *
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61 - 66 of 66 results