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The various components of a HiFi system are usually connected with asymmetric RCA audio cables. These are predominantly coaxial cables with the signal carrying inner conductor surrounded by an outer earth conductor. These connections aren’t always free of problems, since the chassis grounds of devices are connected to one another through audio cables.

The RCA-Pro is built differently from regular audio cables. Since it’s not possible to have an extremely conductive shield without making the cable stiff, we use a special earth conductor with an unusually large diameter that is still flexible enough. The signal, which is normally carried by the inner conductor in regular audio cables, flows here on the outer conductor. The coaxial-principle is somewhat reversed. Since the signal wires have such a small surface area, electrical interferences can’t diffuse into them and are instead absorbed by the large earth conductor that sits very close to the signal line.

length: 1m/1,5m - connectors: rca/xlr - price for one set • No shipping costs in Europe!

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