STOCKFISCH DMM-Dubplate Vol.1 • LP

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We have found a new way to bring vinyl fans even closer to the original recording. Our DMM lathe cuts the audio into a copper plated steel disc. We normally use this process to create a 14" DMM-Master that is sent to pressing plants for the production of vinyl records. 

Our new DMM-Dubplate however, is about the same size as a 12" vinyl record *. This makes it possible to play it on any record player and helps you bypass the loss in sound quality that is caused by the additional steps in the production of records, such as galvanic processes and the pressing of the vinyl. 

The DMM-Dubplate avoids issues like pre-echos and crackling noises. The high purity phosphate-copper has very little groove noise and clicking noises are seldom. Only one side of a DMM disc is recordable since the backside is not copper plated. The tracking force of the tonearm can be left as is.

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* The DMM Dubplate has a diameter of 320 mm; so its radius is 10 mm larger than a vinyl record. If you have a tangential tonearm, please check if the tonearm has enough clearance before ordering the Dubplate.


The DMM-Dubplate has a new packaging. Customers who have ordered their DMM-Dubplate before December 2020 can contact us to receive the new box free of charge. 


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