Sampler • Blu-ray • Specials

Sampler • Blu-ray • Specials

Sampler • Blu-ray • Specials

Special releases from the folk- & blues-scene! Moreover: "closer to the music" compilations Vol. 1-5, Sara K.´s pure audio blu-ray "made in the shade" and the new DMM-CD/SACD.

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ALLAN TAYLOR - 50 Years on the Road • BD

Product no.: SFR357.7093.2

Allan Taylor's Playlist of his 2016 live-performance in Northeim: 1. The Endless Highway • 2. Chimes At Midnight• 3. New York In The Seventies • 4. Like I Used To Do • 5. My Father’s Room • 6. Kerouac’s Dream • 7. Midnight Call • 8. The Merlin Café • 9. The Meadow • 10. Golden Island • 11. Frenchtown • 12. Los Compañeros • 13. It’s Good To See You

17.50 *


Product no.: SFR357.3003.0

Passionate music lovers have been searching for quite a while now for ways to compare digital audio-formats. Up to now, it’s been pretty difficult to find recordings from the same source made under standardized conditions using the same, reproducible technology in five different formats.

25.50 *

Die Lange Nacht der Poesie • BD

Product no.: SFR357.7007.2

Bluray Documentation of a live concert in Bad Karlshafen. With Winfried Bornemann, Werner Lämmerhirt, Manfred Hausin, Heino & Mäuse, Hannes Wader, Der Black, Liederjan, Joana, and many others.

17.50 *

ANDREAS ROHDE - Analog Pearls Vol.2 • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4802.2

ANDREAS ROHDE visited our Northeim studio in 1983. It was impossible not to notice his admiration for LEO KOTTKE. The tuning and the selection of strings on Rhode’s 12-string GIBSON B-25 and the GUILD F 212C sound quite like those of his idol. Of course, the lyrics and the timbre of his voice remain distinctly his own.

17.50 *

ALLAN TAYLOR - There Was a Time • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.9015.2

Stockfisch Records again produced a special project including a symphony orchestra: We speak about the 2016 production with the grandseigneur of songwriting, Allan Taylor! The SACD is titled: "There Was a Time". 

25.00 *

The Stockfisch DMM-CD/SACD Vol.2 • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.5902.2

The second DMM-CD/SACD released 2016. 12 tracks selected from recent Stockfisch repertoire, at first cut into copper-master and immediately digitized with 1bit-DSD HiTech equipment. Incl. a 60page booklet containing a well illustrated documentation about the DMM-CD/SACD.

25.00 *

STOCKFISCH - closer to the music Vol.5 • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4015.2

The 5th sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 19 tracks.

17.50 *

SONG ZUYING - Epics of Love • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.9014.2

Grammy nominated in 2015 for "Best Surround Sound Mix".

25.00 *

The Stockfisch DMM-CD/SACD • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.5900.2

With this new sophisticated process, a new digital recording media (DMM-CD) has emerged retaining the original sound of a recording but without the unwanted side effects. The DMM-CD/SACD gives you the direct sound of the DMM Copper cut - without having to go through the stages of pressing a record.

25.00 *

LA FOLIA BAROCKORCHESTER - Violin Concertos • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4086.2

This venturesome, sometimes sharp-edged, but in any case expressive new recording of the “Quattro stagioni” by La Folia Barockorchester offers perhaps a chance to see Vivaldi's masterpiece in a new, somewhat contemporary light.

17.50 *

STOCKFISCH - closer to the music • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4003.2

The first sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 17 tracks. Although taken from different CD productions, these titles reveal a close relationship to sound and interpretation.

17.50 *

STOCKFISCH - closer to the music Vol.4 • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4011.2

The 4th sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 18 tracks.

17.50 *

STOCKFISCH - closer to the music Vol.2 • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4006.2

The second sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 15 tracks.

17.50 *

STOCKFISCH - closer to the music Vol.3 • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4009.2

The third sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 18 tracks.

17.50 *

WAYLON JENNINGS - Analog Pearls Vol.1 • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4801.2

These old analog recordings were chosen because of the fantastic sound. For the new series Günter Pauler is looking in archives and is searching for grantors of a license. Before releasing as "Analog Pearls" the tracks have been carefully remastered at Stockfisch-Records.

17.50 *
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1 - 15 of 30 results