Sampler • Blu-ray • Specials

Sampler • Blu-ray • Specials

Special releases from the folk- & blues-scene! Moreover: "closer to the music" compilations Vol. 1-5, Sara K.´s pure audio blu-ray "made in the shade" and the new DMM-CD/SACD.

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DUO BALANCE - Wunderbarer Morgen • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6018.2

Christine Maringer-Tries und Hans-Peter Tries interpret songs and chansons with timelessly beautiful arrangements – full of feeling but never 'overloaded'. "Wunderbarer Morgen", their third CD on the Stockfisch label, is yet another successful realisation of this concept.

15.50 *

DUO BALANCE - Bunter Fleck • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6005.2
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Product no.: SFR357.6001.2
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Product no.: SFR357.4038.2

Stockfisch-Records releases the second DIRECT-CUT-SUPER-AUDIO-CD: a SACD Hybrid incl. DSD-5.1-/DSD-Stereo-/CD-Audio-Layer. Christian Willisohn, pianist and singer from Munich, goes back to the roots of the blues, taking his listeners on a trip from the basics to the myriad facets of the music.

Sorry, out of print.

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31 - 34 of 34 results