SARA K. & CHRIS JONES - Live In Concert • 2LP

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"Live album of “Queen of Audiophile” Sara K. and recorded during the B&W sponsored
Nautilus tour in 2002. Sara K. signed to Stockfi sch Records after her contract with Chesky
Records had fi nished. The new contract was only one page, which says a lot about the
trust Stockfi sch has in their artists. For Sara K. this was one of the motivations for signing
to the label, together with the fact that her accompanying guitarist would be Chris Jones,
a skilled master of his instrument and on this album in top form. Characteristics of this
album are the live feeling that makes you part of the audience, the beautiful voice of Sara
K with a variety of timbres, and the beautiful, virtuoso guitar work of Jones. Recording
quality is very high, for recording engineer and founder of Stockfi sch Günter Pauler that
comes natural." Hifi, Quality Albums - Editors' Choice

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