List of all Super-Audio-CD releases (Stereo or Stereo & multichannel surround sound) from Stockfisch. All of them contain a Hybrid-Layer for downward compatibility with CD player devices.

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PAUL O'BRIEN - Walk Back Home • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4064.2

Paul O'Brien is a songwriter with deep roots and broad horizons. An English-born child of Irish immigrants now living in British Columbia, he cut his teeth on Irish music. In the long tradition of folk / roots artists everywhere, O’Brien helps keep his musical roots alive by teaching guitar, mandolin and bodhran (the traditional Irish drum).

17.50 € *

MCKINLEY BLACK - Beggars, Fools ... • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4065.2

Is that air of vitality due to her Portuguese ancestry? The diversity of things she has done and places she has lived in has certainly influenced her biography as an artist. Highly energetic guitar playing, worldly wise lyrics, a sensuousness just under control – the sky over Berlin.

17.50 € *

EUGENE RUFFOLO - Even Santa Gets The Blues • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4066.2

Tradition and the courage of creative innovators – that’s Stockfisch’s gift to music lovers – given as a trademark professionally and at this Christmas time given from the heart. Christmas may be Christmas every year, it comes alive forever new and warms the heart – this is what music does, and certainly music like this.

17.50 € *

BLUE CHAMBER QUARTET - Children´s Songs • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4067.2

They should be simple and beautiful – that’s what Chick Corea wrote about his 20 Children’s Songs. Later Chick Corea commented on his work that each melody was singular and it was for everybody to receive these beautiful little works of art, try them and appreciate them. It was with joy that Blue Chamber Quartet did like Chick Corea told us. They are fascinated by these poetic musical mircrocosms Chick Corea has created.

17.50 € *


Product no.: SFR357.4068.2

"La vie en rose", sings Edith Piaf, elated by the atmosphere of a city which has inspired artists – painters, poets and musicians – from all over the world. This album is a tribute to this city which has fascinated Sebastian Sternal ever since his childhood. Two "old" friends accompanied him on this journey – Sebastian Klose on the double bass, and Axel Pape on percussion. It is also a greatest pleasure to introduce their guest from Paris: Anne-Marie Jean. With her versatile voice, she, as a Frenchwoman, lends a special authenticity to this city portrait.

17.50 € *

MICHAEL SCHLIERF - Clouds and Silver Linings • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4070.2

Michael Schlierf lets his music do the talking. That’s impressive enough. This man doesn’t need any tricks. One being able to let the ebony and ivory of the piano express his emotions in such a compelling way is evidently guided by a power whose presence is evident in the music – a language which begins where normal language ends.

17.50 € *

BROOKE MILLER - Familiar • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4076.2

"Don't underestimate Miller's voice and undeniable guitar skills. When she plays, it has the same effect as if someone's looking you straight in the eye ... You believe her." Jim Farber NYC Daily

17.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - All Is One • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4078.2

Taylor plays his favourite Martin guitars with the same sensitivity for body, expression and autonomy which one finds in his vocal performance – always moving, and never merely vague.

17.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Songs for the Road • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.9010.2

Stockfisch Records produced and recorded together with Dieter Burmester and the international Porsche magazine, Christophorus, a five track MAXI containing also the song "A Promise and a Porsche".

8.00 € *

AYA - Authentic Audio Check • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.9011.2

The AYA is an association whose members are dedicated to the aim of providing an authentic musical experience in cars. In order to facilitate a reproduceable test of audio systems, a detailed points system has been developed and together with Stockfisch Records this SACD, with which the sound of hi-fi systems can be critically judged, and which therefore allows the most objective possible comparison of different systems.


17.50 € *
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41 - 50 of 53 results