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DAVID ROTH - more pearls • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8041.1

In the year 2006 David Roth released his second album on Stockfisch: On "more pearls" David Roth performs a collection of famous and not that famous „evergreens“ of the anglo-american songwriting.

25.50 € *

THE PAPERBOYS - live at Stockfisch Studio • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8054.1

When the Paperboys play, you can hear the sound of tin whistle, violin and bodhrán, this is Celtic folk music, bluegrass, Mexican music and country music - and it is plain to hear they are having a lot of fun doing this. In addition to the Stereo-SACD you can order the 180g-Vinyl-LP also.

25.50 € *


Product no.: SFR357.8056.1

The Bassface Swing Trio again, this time featuring singer Barbara Bürkle, a fine selection of Cole Porter jazz tunes entitled Tribute to Cole Porter.

25.50 € *

DENNIS KOLEN - Northeim | Goldmine • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8059.1

Dennis Kolen grew up with the music of his fathers Vinyl collection: Jackson Browne, James Taylor or Paul Simon had been his musical vision and orientation. Above all his influences came from the protagonists of the West Coast Music in the seventies: The Eagles, Poco, Crosby,Stills & Nash… - listen to the great harmony vocals on this 180g-Vinyl-LP.

25.50 € *


Product no.: SFR357.8068.1

A new jazz trio recording on Stockfisch: Pianist Sebastian Sternal, who 2007 moved for a year to Paris in order to study at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse, wrote pieces for this album as a tribute to this city.

25.50 € *

THE GREATER GOOD - Alexander/Kolen/Ruffolo • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8075.1

Without much ado and preliminaries, the three musicians meet at Stockfisch studio in Northeim and give their creativity and expertise free reign. Listeners will enjoy these ten mellow, yet catchy tracks with their captivating vocal harmonies and intricate, rhythmic guitar work - such musical craftmanship is what it takes "If It´s Feeling Fine".

25.50 € *


Product no.: SFR357.8076.1

Brooke Miller´s guitar teamed with her distinctive artistic and personal charisma – these alone suffice to make a lasting impact on the listener. This is also her passport to Northeim. The Canadian artist with a difference whose music, like an oak tree from Prince Edward Island, is regionally rooted, branching out into universal appeal: authentic, real, upfront.

25.50 € *

SARA K. - Water Falls • 2-LP

Product no.: SFR357.8025.1

In addition to the regular CD, LIVE-CD and -DVD, Stockfisch is pleased to announce the release of "Water Falls” as a Double-Vinyl LP of uncompromising quality (180g vinyl, detailed booklet). An experience in a class of it’s own for all friends of the analogue LP.arrangements.

33.50 € *

BRIAN FLANAGAN - Where Dreams Are Made • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8091.1

Love, loss, self-pity, recognising chances and taking them - or not, almost mystical nature experiences, life-changing encounters, art and artists, environmental protection, human rights: it is truly a broad, moving and very current spectrum of themes which Irish singer-songwriter Brian Flanagan has worked through in the eleven tracks of his first Stockfisch album.


25.50 € *
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16 - 24 of 24 results