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STOCKFISCH Vinyl Collection • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8006.1

Stockfisch's mastermind, Günter Pauler, had always been committed himself to the Vinyl format: now another Stockfisch-LP of uncompromising quality (180g vinyl, detailed booklet) is released.

25.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - In The Groove • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8007.1

Allan Taylor comments: "I thought the vinyl format was finished. However, since I have been recording with Stockfisch Records and working with Gunter Pauler I have become used to the supremely high criteria the work to, so when they suggested that we choose a few songs of mine from our catalogue for a release on vinyl I thought it was a great idea."

25.50 € *

SARA K. - In The Groove • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8011.1

Sara K.: "I am pleased to offer you this collection of songs on vinyl. We carefully selected these songs from my catalogue, previously only available on digital formats. I hope you will enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you."

25.50 € *

RALF ILLENBERGER - Red Rock Journeys • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8020.1

"Music has the ability to be a gateway to other worlds, I want to create music that appeals not only to the ear, but also mostly to the heart and soul."

25.50 € *

DAVID ROTH - Pearl Diver • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8031.1

The songs of David Roth stimulate all of the listener’s senses... His clear and soulful voice conveys so much emotion that it can be frightening, at first – such is the intensity that he projects.

21.50 € *

DAVID ROTH - more pearls • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8041.1

In the year 2006 David Roth released his second album on Stockfisch: On "more pearls" David Roth performs a collection of famous and not that famous „evergreens“ of the anglo-american songwriting.

25.50 € *

THE PAPERBOYS - live at Stockfisch Studio • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8054.1

When the Paperboys play, you can hear the sound of tin whistle, violin and bodhrán, this is Celtic folk music, bluegrass, Mexican music and country music - and it is plain to hear they are having a lot of fun doing this. In addition to the Stereo-SACD you can order the 180g-Vinyl-LP also.

25.50 € *


Product no.: SFR357.8056.1

The Bassface Swing Trio again, this time featuring singer Barbara Bürkle, a fine selection of Cole Porter jazz tunes entitled Tribute to Cole Porter.

25.50 € *

DENNIS KOLEN - Northeim | Goldmine • LP

Product no.: SFR357.8059.1

Dennis Kolen grew up with the music of his fathers Vinyl collection: Jackson Browne, James Taylor or Paul Simon had been his musical vision and orientation. Above all his influences came from the protagonists of the West Coast Music in the seventies: The Eagles, Poco, Crosby,Stills & Nash… - listen to the great harmony vocals on this 180g-Vinyl-LP.

25.50 € *


Product no.: SFR357.8068.1

A new jazz trio recording on Stockfisch: Pianist Sebastian Sternal, who 2007 moved for a year to Paris in order to study at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse, wrote pieces for this album as a tribute to this city.

25.50 € *
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11 - 20 of 24 results