The newest discoveries in the singer/songwriter scene: Sara K., Steve Strauss, Chris Jones, Allan Taylor, David Munyon , David Roth, Carrie Newcomer, Paul Stephenson, …  - high-quality recordings for audiophiles! 

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Product no.: SFR357.6017.2

David Munyon’s first tour of Germany in 1994 left behind audiences that were too moved for words. He has turned his stories and experiences into more than 400 songs, which he sings with introspection, tenderness and an unbelievable intensity.

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DAVID MUNYON - Pretty Blue • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6072.2

"Probably one of the best Songwriters ever!"

15.50 € *

DAVID MUNYON - Purple Cadillacs • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6083.2

In 2013 Stockfisch Records released a new CD: 13 songs of the tireless creative songwriter and guitarist from Alabama are on his new album "Purple Cadillacs".

15.50 € *

DAVID MUNYON - Seven Leaves... • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6033.2

Stockfisch has just released two brand-new David Munyon CDs of hitherto unpublished songs recorded in 1996/97 – "Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water" and "More Songs for Planet Earth". In co-operation with many of Stockfisch’s artists, Günter Pauler has now selected 25 songs from the treasure trove of his music archives, putting them on the new albums and polishing them till they shine as the audiophile pearls they are.

15.50 € *

DAVID MUNYON - Slim Possibilities • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6012.2
15.50 € *

DAVID ROTH - More Pearls • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6041.2

David Roth: „...songs and writers that drew me near and made their marks in my psyche. Though it´s been years since I´ve played some, like cherished old friends they´ve been exhilarating to revisit, relearn, rediscover, and gain new insight from.“

15.50 € *

DAVID ROTH - Pearl Diver • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6031.2

The songs of David Roth stimulate all of the listener’s senses... His clear and soulful voice conveys so much emotion that it can be frightening, at first – such is the intensity that he projects.

15.50 € *

DENNIS KOLEN - Northeim | Goldmine • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4059.2

This singularly expressive voice belongs to a man who fears not the great ones, the likes of The Eagles or Jackson Browne. He simply reaches out for what all great artists pass on. This Northeim gold mine has musical gold on offer profusely – musical pearls on a string. Super-Audio-CD incl. 5.1-surround mix!

17.50 € *

EUGENE RUFFOLO - in a different light • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4044.2

Eugene Ruffolo’s fabulously intense musicality is reminiscent of many a great artist, notably Marc Cohn and sometimes of fellow Stockfisch artist David Roth. Ruffolo’s own guitar sounds big and warm, its interplay with exceptional guitarist John Jennings masterfully recorded and of lucid beauty.

17.50 € *

EWEN CARRUTHERS - One Red Shoe • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4048.2

Carruthers is one in a long row of artists dealing with that flaw inherent in creation that's good for pain and creativity.

17.50 € *
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31 - 40 of 60 results