The newest discoveries in the singer/songwriter scene: Sara K., Steve Strauss, Chris Jones, Allan Taylor, David Munyon , David Roth, Carrie Newcomer, Paul Stephenson, …  - high-quality recordings for audiophiles! 

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ALLAN TAYLOR - Colour To The Moon • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6021.2

"'Colour to the Moon' represents the work of an artist at the height of his powers, looking back as well as forward."

15.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Down The Years I Travelled … • 2-CD

Product no.: SFR357.9013.2

Allan Taylor says: "The albums from which this collection of songs was taken were made between 1984 and 1995. This was without doubt the most creative period of my life."

25.00 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Hotels & Dreamers • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6028.2

Allan Taylor´s 3rd album released by Stockfisch-Records: "Hotels & Dreamers". 11 impressive songs by the 'traveller' reflecting his "lessons learned along the way" - sung with his typical voice full of character, accompanied by well known musicians playing tasteful arrangements.

15.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Leaving At Dawn • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4057.2

Leaving At Dawn: He riseth early who will travel far - or who has enjoyed in secrecy without wanting to commit himself to stay. 

17.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Looking For You • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6013.2

"Allan has an instantly recognisable voice, attractively dark and mellow, and his intricately detailed yet full-sounding guitar style is distinctive ..."

15.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Old Friends-New Roads • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6047.2

Allan Taylor says: "This CD is simply a collection of songs I occasionally return to, solely because they are a joy to sing play. I decided to record the whole CD with just voice and guitar or voice and piano, the idea being that it is in fact a short private concert for you."

15.50 € *

ALLAN TAYLOR - Songs for the Road • SACD (2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.9010.2

Stockfisch Records produced and recorded together with Dieter Burmester and the international Porsche magazine, Christophorus, a five track MAXI containing also the song "A Promise and a Porsche".

8.00 € *

CARL & PARISSA - Out of Australia • SACD (Mch+2ch)

Product no.: SFR357.4060.2

If you've seen Carl and Parissa live you will have a good idea what to expect: warmth, generosity, humour and fantastic musicianship. State of the art in contemporary Australian roots music.

17.50 € *

CHRIS JONES - moonstruck / No Look... • 2CD

Product no.: SFR357.6020.2

The amazingly versatile guitarist that has lent his talents to so many Stockfisch releases recorded his current CD "Moonstruck” in the winter of 1999-2000.The album has been released as a 2-CD special edition, the 2nd CD being Chris Jones’s very first solo-album on the Stockfisch label in 1982: "No Looking Back".

19.50 € *

DAVID MUNYON - Big Shoes... • CD

Product no.: SFR357.6058.2

There are singers whose music reaches so deep down inside of us that we hardly believe that this could be possible. Such a singer is DAVID MUNYON. 

15.50 € *
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21 - 30 of 61 results